Request For Bid
Peachtree Sidewalk Project

The Town of Murphy is requesting proposals from contractors to construct a new sidewalk from Ivie's Funeral Home to the future auto center near 641 Peachtree Street; approximately 1100 linear feet, five (5) ft. in width.   Contractors will be required to adhere to the 2012 NCDOT Standards and Specifications for Roads and Structures. No curb and gutter construction is required, but the contractor must adhere to ADA standards. 

All bid prices shall include sales taxes. The successful bidder shall furnish all tools, equipment, machinery, apparatus, labor and materials necessary to complete all work required under the terms of such contracts as may be entered into. Proof of insurance must be submitted with the bid.  The contractor shall comply with applicable OSHA safety regulations while performing work for the Town of Murphy, including provisions for safety of workers, pedestrians and motorists within the work zone. The contractor will contact NC 811, Murphy Power Board and other Utility Providers in order to locate any underground utilities prior to digging.

The contractor will cooperate with the Town of Murphy and  arrange the work as to cause the least inconvenience to all concerned. Every effort should be made to prevent disruption of access to adjacent properties by the public.

The contractor shall provide traffic control in accordance with the traffic control plans and the latest Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and all supplements thereto.

Contractor shall furnish, erect, operate, relocate, maintain and remove all temporary traffic control devices necessary for notifying and controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The contractor shall be responsible for and correct all damage from all causes, until the final completion and acceptance of the entire work. All property disturbed in the process of project construction shall be restored to the condition existing prior to construction or as otherwise specified.

Pursuant to NCGS 87-1, the bidder's state contractor license number shall be provided in the bid submittal.

Work is expected to begin as soon as possible, and must be completed in a timely, reasonable manner without controlled interruptions.

The Town of Murphy reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any and all in-formalities therein, and to award a contract in the best interest of the Town of Murphy.   

Bids can be mailed to Town Manager, Town of Murphy, 5 Wofford Street, Murphy, NC 28906, and clearly marked "Peachtree Sidewalk Extension." Bids are due by 5 p.m. on July 27, 2018. Bids can also be sent via email in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the subject line entitled "Peachtree Sidewalk Extension."