2023 - CHIEF of POLICE
Tim Lominac

Murphy, the county seat, located in Cherokee County the far western most county in North Carolina has the distinction of being known as both the first and last town in North Carolina, depending on which way you're going, of course. Murphy combines a rich, interesting past with a strong promising future. Having the population of 1613 strong, Murphy hosts numerous of other visitors that are passing thru the area sight seeing, or coming to conduct business and or trade.


It is the mission of the Town of Murphy Police Department to increase the quality of life and create a safe environment for all citizens and visitors of the Town of Murphy.

By forming a partnership with the community through Community Policing Initiatives we will work together to protect the lives and property of the citizens through fair, honest and professional enforcement of the laws, crime prevention and community problem solving.

Town of Murphy, NC Police Department
93 Peachtree Street
Murphy, NC 28906
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