Incorporated 1835

Public Works provides the Town of Murphy with a variety of services including: daily operation of both the water and waste water plants, operation and maintenance of water and sewer collection & distribution systems (water & sewer lines), as well as meter reading.
Town of Murphy Public Works also maintains sidewalks and several streets within the Town limits. Crews remove snow in the winter and mow, edge and weed all Town owned properties in season.

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Nathan Crubaugh is the Town's Water Treatment Plant Supervisor. Mr. Crubaugh holds the highest State Certifications for North Carolina in Surface Treatment and Distribution, which are A-surface and A- distribution.

Mr. Crubaugh can be reached at 828-837-2913

Tyler White is the Wastewater Treatment Plant ORC. Mr. White holds the highest State Certification for North Carolina in Wastewater Treatment, with a Grade IV license. Mr. White also has a collections II license. 

Mr. White can be reached at 828-837-5035