The following information is for general use and specific questions should be addressed
either through email or speaking to Town Hall.

I want to open a new business in the Town of Murphy; what do I need to do?

Contact the Zoning Administrator, Frank Dickey, to determine zoning compliance for the type of business you will be conducting and the address or location of where you want to conduct business. The Town of Murphy does not require business registration fees. The Town of Murphy Zoning Ordinance, Code of Ordinances, and Zoning Map are posted online. The Town of Murphy does have sign restrictions detailed in the Zoning Ordinance and the Town of Murphy Sign Ordinance (Chapter 53 within the Code of Ordinances).

What is the difference in the fire insurance rating for businesses located in the Town of Murphy?

Property within the city limits has an ISO insurance rating of class IV, and property located within the Murphy Rural District (a district outside of the city limits served by the Town of Murphy Fire Department) has a class V insurance rating. These ratings were achieved by our Fire Department in 2012, and continues to save businesses and homeowners money, and is one of the many advantages of doing business in Murphy.

Does the Town of Murphy approve/oversee new construction or modifications to existing structures?

The Town of Murphy has an interlocal agreement with Cherokee County, who oversees building code regulations on behalf of the Town. Call 828-837-6730 for Cherokee County Code Enforcement.

I want to open a restaurant in the Town of Murphy; what do I need to do?

Contact the Zoning Administrator at 828-360-4275 for zoning compliance, and then contact Tyler White, Wastewater Treatment Plant ORC, to ensure compliance with the Town of Murphy's grease trap ordinance. (See Town of Murphy Code of Ordinance Chapter 58, section 8)

I want to serve or sell alcohol; what is required?
I have met zoning compliance to sell alcohol; I have started the application process; what other requirements are required by the Town of Murphy in the application process?

The Town of Murphy will need you to bring the entire completed ABC application package to the Town of Murphy business office located at 5 Wofford Street, Murphy, NC 28906 in order to review and approve the Local Government Opinion form and the Inspection/Zoning compliance form. Presenting the package for local approval is one of the last steps of the local process and the entire package must be complete. Decisions are made as timely as possible. Please keep in mind that it takes time for the background check from the police department to be completed and the package forwarded to the Town Manager and Zoning Administrator.

What if I decide to move the location of my business?

You must first contact the Zoning Administrator to discuss the new location of your business to determine zoning compliance and to discuss the Town's sign restrictions.

When are my taxes due? How do I pay?

Tax bills will be mailed in August, and payments are due no later than January 5th. You can pay at city hall, located at 5 Wofford Street, Murphy, NC 28906. For the Town Tax Collector, contact 828-837-2510, ext.2

Who do I call if I have murky water?

The Town conducts a flushing program that can temporarily disrupt the distribution system and private water lines. It is recommended that the customer flush their faucet continuously for about 5-10 minutes if this occurs. If the issue is unresolved, call the Town of Murphy at 828-837-2510, ext. 4.

How do I know what water/sewer line I am responsible for?

The customer is responsible for the water line beyond the Town of Murphy's meter, which is placed as close to the property's edge as possible. The customer is responsible for their sewer lateral from their property to the edge of the street pavement (DOT/Town Maintained Streets are treated the same).

How do I get power?

Call Murphy Power at 828-837-2211. Their offices are also located at 5 Wofford Street, Murphy, NC 28906

How do I get water & sewer?

Wells and septic systems are permitted in the Town of Murphy under specific circumstances only. All property owners that have an accessible water main located within 300 feet of their lot, and an accessible sewer main located within 200 feet of their lot are required to hook-up to the Town system. Customers needing sanitary sewer service must have a water connection. To inquire about getting water and sewer service, please call 828-837-2510, ext.1 or ext.4. The Water and Sewer rates and connection charges are posted online.

How do I get phone service?

Landline phone service in Murphy is provided by Frontier Communications. You may also call 1-800-921-8101.

How do I get garbage pick-up?

The Town of Murphy offers garbage pick-up for city residents only. The Town's sanitation crew picks up garbage for customers weekly. To see your pickup day, view the Town's sanitation page on this website. The Town's sanitation services are built into the tax base and requires no additional fees from residents.

What medical facilities are located in Murphy?

There are several options:

Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital is located just outside of the city limits at 3990 E U.S. Highway 64 Alt, Murphy, NC 28906. Erlanger operates the hospital 24/7. You can contact them at 828-837-8161.

An Urgent Care facility is operated by Erlanger and is located at 183 Ledford Street in Murphy. You can contact them directly at 828-837-4712.

The Cherokee County Health Department offers many services to local citizens. The health department lab is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and 1 to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 7 to 11:30 a.m. for your convenience. Regular clinic hours are 8 a.m. to noon and 1p.m. to 5 p.m.

Walk-ins are welcome for many services. The Health Department is now accepting walk-ins and appointments for clinic visits and sick visits. They accept all major insurances and also use a sliding fee scale for clinic charges.

The Health Department is located in Murphy at 228 Hilton Street, next to Murphy Elementary School. Their contact number is 828-837-7486.

Who can I contact for business relocation and other questions pertaining to economic development in Murphy?

 Cherokee Co. Workforce Development and Mountain West NC Partnership. From finding a workforce, to relocating or even starting up a brand new company, the Mountain West Partnership and Cherokee County Workforce Development can facilitate the success of any business through connecting you and your business to any information, community organization or tool you may need. » Click For Website.

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Development Authority are also great resources for entrepreneurs.