Established 1835

This beautiful greenway follows the Valley River and the Hiwassee River surrounding the historic town center of Murphy, North Carolina. The 4-mile walking trail includes a center loop at the confluence of these two rivers on the backwaters of Lake Hiwassee. Whether you take the trail on foot or put in for an easy paddle along the canoe trails, you'll enjoy the ecology and cultural heritage along the way.

Since it began as a concept in 2002, the River Walk has seen the successful completion of all phases of the basic trail construction between Konehete Park and and the Old L&N Depot. The volunteer River Walk project team continues its work with a host of ongoing maintenance, landscaping, interpretive signage, directional signage, and additional construction projects along the trails. Ecology classes for school students are held on the trail, as are student group work days for hands-on experiences.

The Murphy RiverWalk, a volunteer project sponsored by Heritage Partners, is managed and maintained by volunteers, with only the Konehete Park portion maintained by Cherokee County employees. It was created as a public and private partnership with various groups, including the Town of Murphy, Cherokee County, Tennessee Valley Authority, N.C. Department of Transportation and Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition. The trail is owned by the town but sits on TVA land. The Town of Murphy provides $7,500 each year for maintenance of the trail.

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Murphy River Walk

Step onto the beautifully scenic Murphy River Walk at any one of these trail heads: 

1. The Pool/Wellness Center and ball fields at Konehete Park, the County Health Dept.

2. On Hilton Street, the middle of McClelland Street.

3. The Old L&N Depot at the river bridge in town.

Canoe and kayak put-ins can be found on Payne Street and Hiwassee Street just beyond the River Walk trail. 

The approximate 3 miles of trail surfaces start at the far end of Konehete Park along the Valley River, and end at the Old L&N Depot by the Hiwassee River bridge.

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